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Customer Service FAQ

Q. I just signed up or renewed my account, but the site isn't letting me into the members section!

A. Please note that it does sometimes take as long as an hour or two to update all the systems, although it's typically within a few minutes. You should get an email from us letting you know when your account is active.

Q. I paid via eCheck, but I can't login to the site and haven't received my activation email. Whats going on?

A. eChecks take 3-5 days to clear. Once the check clears, we will automatically activate your account and email you letting you know.

Q. I have a login, but I haven't renewed my account... how can I pay for my renewal?

A. Attempt to log in to the Members section with your login/username... the system will tell you when your account expired, and give you an option below to pay for your membership.

Q. If I cancel my subscription, does the cancellation become effective immediately?

A. No, your account will stop functioning at the end of the period you last paid for.

Q. I can't seem to play your videos... any ideas?

A. Most all our movies are .WMV files, which are Microsoft Media. You will need to use verison 7.1 or higher of Media Player to play them. We also have some .MOV files which are Quicktime. If you have 7.1 and are still having problems clicking on the file to view it, try right-clicking the link and saving the video file instead.

Q. Do you stream your videos, or can I download them?

A. Our movies are downloadable!

Q. I have a Mac, how can I download the videos?

A. Click on the picture link and then click the option key.

Q. I'd like to ask you a specific question, how can I ask?

A. You can always email us at!


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